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Our two private beaches are open for lunch and dinner from April to September in a blissful setting overlooking one of the most beautiful bays on the French Riviera. Sophisticated cuisine at Hélios Plage, largely inspired by Italian and Provençal gastronomy. To cater for your every desire, we offer 2 menus in harmony with the Sun and the Moon: The lunchtime menu for a light and simple meal composed of salads, grilled fish, antipasti and our famous steak tartar prepared at your table... Our chef Serge Masson serves you his finest dishes in the evening: lobster risotto, veal chop in a parmesan gratin, artichoke pansotti in truffle cream, not to mention his "homemade" foie gras and Pata Negra… World cuisine and a thoroughly relaxed atmosphere at Le Colombier, Without doubt, one of the most highly prized spots in Juan les Pins. Enjoy a blend of local cuisine and flavours from around the world, plus dishes at very attractive prices such as pasta specialities, the famous Jack Daniels Burger and a complete pizza menu featuring the not-to-be-missed "Black Diamond" and "Lobster Pizza".
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